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Product Overview
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Product Highlight
Compatible with Gigabit Ethernet networking equipment that supports the industry standard SFP and GBIC interface, network managers can inventory a 1000BASE-SX or a 1000BASE-LX GBIC and use these Gigabit Ethernet modules across a multi-vendor, multi-product network. Simplified installation means they are ideal for end-users and technicians.

Low cost of ownership – Transition’s SFP/GBIC modules offer the greatest flexibility and value. Depending on your existing network structure, each GBIC interface on your switches can be configured with a SX or LX GBIC module in standard or small-form-pluggable format. This flexibility in system configuration further reduces acquisition costs by allowing you to purchase only what you need when you need it.

Comprehensive Range – provides standard multimode SX and single mode LX GBICs for connections up to 10km.
  TRANSITION SFPs Small Form Factor Pluggables (Cisco Compatible) Datasheet

Cisco Compatible

  121KB  download  
  TRANSITION SFPs Small Form Factor Pluggables (CWDM Wavelengths) Datasheet

CWDM Wavelengths

  92KB  download  
  TRANSITION SFPs Small Form Factor Pluggables MSA Compatible Duplex LC Datasheet

MSA Compatible, Duplex LC

  90KB  download  
  TRANSITION SFPs Small Form Factor Pluggables MSA Compatible Simplex LC Datasheet

MSA Compatible, Simplex LC

  95KB  download